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Valentine’s Day Pennant Banner


Valentine  decor

I believe I’ve told you before how I have always wanted a mantel to decorate for the holidays. Always! And now that we have one I am always waiting for the next opportunity to put something new up on the mantel.  And now that it’s February I am wanting to go all out in pink, red, and white.  The first thing up is a Valentine’s Day Pennant Banner. I was going to make the whole thing from scratch by using colored card stock, but when I walked into Michael’s last Saturday they had some already cut out, trimmed in pink glitter, and 50% off!! I couldn’t beat this deal!! Matter of fact all of their valentine’s decor was 50% off! So, I grabbed some stickers, twine, and the banner and ran home to put it together. When ever I buy stuff like this to make I CAN NOT wait to get home and make it. It’s like Christmas for me!! EeeK!

Valentine  decor 3

I placed the hearts on top of each other, large to small, and then the  round heart stickers all by them selves in the center of each pennant. When I placed the mason jars just on the pennants it was too much of the same color and it didn’t POP so I cut out some pink scrap booking paper from my stash and put it underneath each jar and it really helped it to stand out. I then weaved the twine in and out of the pre-punched holes, another bonus to my purchase, and hung it up on the mantel. I love love love the way it turned out and was all giddy when my husband got home. He thinks I’m the biggest craft nerd, which I am, but he loves me anyway!

Valentine  decor 4


valentines day decor 2

So…do you decorate for Valentine’s Day at your house? Have you put anything up yet? I have some more Valentine projects up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share with you this week! And to show you the rest of the mantel!!



Another poplar Valentine post from last year was this abc I love you printable. Click Here to grab yourself a copy!

ABC I love you printable

ABC I love you printable

Lovely Cinnamon Rolls

waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 036

It’s almost the weekend! Yea! Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week. Both of my boys go to Mother’s Day Out for a few hours and it gives me just enough time to recharge, eat and go to the restroom alone, and sip my coffee without getting up a gazillion times for everything under the sun. 😉

Today was the boys Valentines parties at school. We were decked out in sweet power ranger and spongebob valentines this year. Each year I have made the boys Valentines for their friends. Nope, not this year though! There has just been too many things going on lately to get me into the Valentiney crafty type mood. So, we went with the Target ones this year. Which they were super excited about so it was a win win.

I love all the sweet handprint crafts the teachers help the kids make. My 4 yr old made me a thumbprint necklace

valentine 002

and my 2 yer old made a handprint of his hands in a heart.

valentine 001

I just love both of them and thank the teachers for taking the time to give us moms such a sweet gift that I will save forever!!

I wanted to share with you today some “LOVEly” cinnamon rolls that I made for me family recently. They are made with the jumbo cinnamon rolls by Pillsbury in a can. Unroll each cinnamon roll and then starting at opposite ends roll them back up into the shape of a heart.

waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 021

waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 023

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.

waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 028 waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 027

Ice and then devour!

waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 037 waffles cinnamon rolls and soup 040

I hope that everyone has a great start to their Valentine’s Day tomorrow.



ABC i love u

Have you seen this printable?? I’m not sure where I saw this last year, but knew I wanted one of my own to put up in the house. So I made this on Photoshop and wanted to share it with you. Just click the above image and print. This would also be super cute to give to a teacher with a little candy attached to it. The size is an 8×10. I hope that you can use it. 🙂


Love burgers

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day and was able to share the day with those that they love most in this world. Also, I hope that in everyone’s heart you remembered the true One that will love you forever, our most precious Lord and Savior Jesus. It is in Him that we are capable of loving others and it is through Him that we are given eternal life. I ran across John 3:16 written in a special way and I wanted to share it with you.


In love, my wonderful husband helped me make heart shaped hamburgers for our family on Valentines Day. I think he gets into the holidays just as much as I do. It’s really cute. 🙂

First, we shaped the meat using heart shaped cookie cutters.

 Then, we threw them on the grill. Yum!

Added some heart shaped cheese.

We then, had a very delicous hamburger made with true love on this very special day!!

Free baseball valentine

This year I decided to make my boys their own Valentine’s Day cards for them to give to their friends at school. I ran across the idea of You’re a hit Valentine on a baseball and loved it because my boys are constantly outside throwing balls with their dad. 
I took a picture of one of their baseballs and using Photoshop I removed the background and in a new layer typed the wording. I then flattened my image and saved as a jpeg. After printing the baseballs onto card stock and cutting them out I punched two holes to stick a sucker through and then I was done!! So Cute and super easy!! I love the way they turned out and I think the boys will too.
If you would like for me to send you this image as a jpeg please message me and I would be more than happy to send it to you. I can also change the name for you as well or just take it off. 🙂
Happy crafting!!